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Ogunlaja Adenike
Rutherford Dianne
English 1101
September 19, 2014.

College athletes should not be paid to play Many students find it the best way to earn money and leave education behind. Sports are necessary but there should be schedules for playing sports and studying. A college student represents his or her institution and it is their responsibility to play with honesty and devotion. Many students go into the athletes/sports thinking of the money and the popularity, which in turn catapult them to lucrative carrier down the road. College athletes should not be paid to play because it would ruin the greatest part of college athletes and it will only lead to further decline in collegiate sports, and involves the school budgets. Paying student athletes (the word students before athletes) would also ruin the greatest part of college athletes, which is tradition and innocence. Therefore, people with no desired to win or compete will now begin to attempt to play for these sport teams .The NFL, NBA, and MLB even to the biggest sports fans, are seemingly becoming leagues of greed over play, selfishness instead of desire and finance rather than substance. Some athletes already struggle with dealing with their success and fame and providing them with extra money can often lead to trouble. The primary object of education institutions is to provide education, therefore, their focus should not be on compensating the performance of college athletes, but on making sure that the latter are provided with the opportunity to obtain valuable education. College athletes should not be paid to play because it will lead to further decline in collegiate sports. Since the 1950s college sports have slowly turned into a profitable industry, aside from creating prestige to the schools, college sports are generating millions of dollars for their schools through the involved student athletes (Bennett.Pg 12-13).Once monetary benefits are given to college athletes , they will no longer be considered as amateur athletes but professional athletes as the payment of money is tantamount to employment, thus compelling the athletes to somewhat perform in accordance to the desires of their school ( Sturgill, Pg. 21-40). Author Vaughn writes in his article “What happen when we begin to play young college athletes? Do you not think people with no desire to win or compete will now begin to attempt to play for these sports teams? That we might not think this will become an issue but even the harshest critics of not paying athletes will have to admit that the minute we begin paying athletes, other problems will arise and shortly after collegiate athletics will begin to resemble their parent leagues plagued with selfishness. (Vaughn, Pg.32-35).However, athletes are not supposed to receive any commercial use of their personas and likenesses and are indeed not expected to gain any monetary compensation for their sporting engagements. This has generally been interpreted to mean that they cannot enter into agreements for endorsements in their sporting activities as has been the case with professional engagements. Instead, students are expected to benefit from the payment for tuition fees from their sporting activities. The biggest problem with paying athletes involves the budget of the school that is why the idea of paying college athletes usually comes with notion of attaching a necessary grade point average and active sport on the roster as mandatory qualification if these student athletes are going to be paid. It would be unfair to pay athletes in the major sport, but ignore the minor sports. Many Universities would not be able to afford that much money from their budget. Paying athletes would just eliminate even more money that could be used to save struggling programs. Paying