Cause Of Tutankhamen Death Essay example

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Cause of Tutankhamen Death
By: Barbara Manley
Dr. Dell Belew
World Cultures 1
October 28, 2013

Cause of Tutankhamen Death

The topic that I chose is the death of King Tutankhamen. There have been different stories about how he died and all of are controversial topics. Some will say King Tut was murdered because of his love for wealth, others believe he died from an illness (, 2010). Those that believed that he was murdered believed that this happened due to changes that Akhenaten (King Tut’s father) had made.
Over 3,000 years after the death of Tutankhamen, questions are still left without answers. Was it a natural death or was he murdered? The possibility that Tutankhamen did not die of natural causes was brought up when an X-ray of his mummy was made by the anatomy department of the University of Liverpool. It revealed that the king may have been hit with something to the back of his head. This has cause a lot of controversy within Egyptologists and scientists. If he were murdered, who did it many believe whoever did this had to be close to him, and have direct access to him. Some have even suggested that Aye and Horemhab might have conceived the plan to kill him. (by The Government of Egypt)
After more testing of some newer X-ray’s analysis felt more light was brought to surface about this matter, now they came up with the idea that “Tutankhamen” may have been murdered while sleeping. This theory came into play after an examination was conducted by a trauma specialist at Long Island University, USA. "They have said that the blow he received was to a protected area of the head which doesn’t happen in an accident”. One of the doctors said that he had to be taken by surprise when the blow to the back of his head happened, X-rays also show a…