Cause or Effect Essay

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Tyler Normandin
Mrs. Bedore
Comp II
15 March 2015
In Today’s Age To eat or not to eat, that is the question. For many people it is their routine to get a candy bar or pop every day. Whether it is on their way to work or on their way to school, people find the need to get sugary drinks or candy to help keep them alert in the early hours of the day. Because of this common trend among people in today’s age, the United States needs to address these problems and find a solution to the multiple epidemics, such as lack of energy, obesity, and diabetes. The first yet least horrible effect of indulging in junk food is the lack of energy you feel after enjoying these treats. Junk foods do not have the vitamins and nutrients needed to energize you for physical activity. While a candy bar or chips may taste better than a granola bar or a piece of fruit, there is a large difference on the effects of your choice. An average sized candy bar has roughly 250 calories; the only benefit from this candy bay is possibly a few grams of protein or dietary fiber. On the other hand the average granola bar has about 120-180 calories but on the upside you get a serving of oats and a larger amount of protein. This does not mean everything that has oats is going to be healthy. In an effort to compete with sales many companies have made chocolate covered granola bars. By doing this they defeat the purpose of eating a granola bar in the first place. It is easy to buy a box of food based off of the logo because you know they make healthy foods so it must be healthy right? Wrong, you should always check the nutrition facts on the back of the bag, box, bar, etc. Even drinks like Gatorade are bad if you do not do what is instructed. It is a good substitute for water if you are physically active and sweating while you are drinking it. It is still high in sugars so it should not be used as a substitute for water on a regular basis. If you can learn to watch what you eat and drink it can help you from slipping into obesity. The next most impactful effect is obesity. According to the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, vol. 158, no. 1, January 2004; “the United States, followed by Greece and Portugal, had the highest percentages of overweight teens. In 2007 many more American children and adolescents were seriously overweight than were overweight just thirty years ago.” With so many kids today in America overweight or obese there needs to be a solution found to help these kids change their diets and improve their lives. Obesity has been considered more of an environmental problem than a genetic one. It is more of what they witness as they are growing up that will affect them the most. Studies done by The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry notes in “Obesity in children and Teens” (January 2001,, show that, “If one parent is obese, then there is a 50% chance that a child will be obese, and when both parents are obese, a child has an 80% chance of being obese. Even though there is mounting evidence of genetic predisposition and susceptibility to overweight and obesity, childhood obesity is still considered largely an environmental problem-the result of behaviors, attitudes, and preferences learned early in life.” Obesity in America is a very big concern in many households. Parents have trouble regulating what their kids eat when they are at work or out running errands. Kids often eat out of complete boredom, and it is usually fattening food such as pop, chips, candy, etc. Some parents work shifts during the evenings which leaves their kids to cook their own meal. If children are not taught to eat a balanced meal they will often fill up on processed foods and sugary drinks. In some cases parents use food as a reward to their child. For instance they may give their kid dessert if