The Impact Of The Internet

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With the beginning of The Third Industrial Revolution and the development of computer comes another brilliant invention during 1960s, the internetwork. Human might never anticipate that the influence of internet contributes to the benefits far beyond their imagination. Only through the internet can communication become more conveniently, large amount of information be accessed more feasibly, and shopping and marketing style changed entirely. The following demonstrations will hereupon consolidate those effects.

First of all, it is the invention of internet that can link the global as a whole, directly shortening the distance between individuals. Furthermore, in the past, letters would take several days to reach its destination and phones were restricted by locations; nowadays, via email and online chatting tools, people are able to contact others and deliver their messages in an extremely short time. Moreover, using the Social Network Sites that popularize recently, people even can make friends all across the world online. This impact indeed simplifies the global as a huge family. In this case, the invention of internet enables the world to communicate more conveniently.

Secondly, if internet had not been developed, people would feel difficult to gain information. To be more specific, books are always good resources to obtain knowledge even though it is tough to filter out portions that truly wanted; however, by tying key works in search engines on the internet, diverse and precise information is rapidly found, and those are also feasible in any places with internet connection. In addition, electric news is gradually replacing paper news like newspapers and magazine because it can be accessed more easily. From this condition, internet definitely boosts the expression of knowledge and news, leading people to colossal information explosion.

Finally, internet provides a