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Everything You Need to Know About Chris Christie's 'Bridegegate' Scandal Scandal has been the most common word for celebrities. It is not only used for singles, super stars, or movies star, but also for politicians. Recently, people may have heard about Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey, is involved in the "Bridgegate" scandal. So what all this scandal is about, and does it affect the Governor's future? As Christie was on his way to the victory against Barbara Buono, Democratic. On September 9th, 2013, millions of children couldn't get to school and paramedic response times were delayed because of closing down multiple access lanes leading from Fort Lee, NJ to the George Washington bridge for which was called " traffic study". After the investigation, the "traffic study" is just an excuse for the lane closures. It is believed that the lane closures were a political revenge against Fort Lee Mayor, Mark Sokolich, a Democratic who denied Christie's reelection. The Bridgegate scandal was also involved by the two staffs of Port Authority, Bridget Anne Kelly, Christie's deputy who had emailed Wildstein advising him that it was " time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee" was fired by Christie; and David Wildstein, who ordered to close the lanes. Christie also denies his involvement and has apologized for his staff's actions. When his apologize didn't minimize the disturbance, Christie held a two hour press conference to emphasize that he was not the reason of the bridge lane closures. It is said that this scandal would be his disadvantages which will ruin his political career future, especially the