causes and spread of infection Essay

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Identify the difference between bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.
Bacteria . This is a plant like structure that will multiply rapidly. Bacteria need 4 conditions to be able to survive these are warmth this is a temperature between 5 degree centigrade and 63 degrees centigrade . The ideal temperature for multiplying is body temp which is 37 degree centigrade . food This is protein. Plants, animal, soil, blood, food, human body and anything else that contains protein particles . moisture this can be body secretions , areas within the body and food bacteria thrive in moist conditions . time , One bacterium can increase to a colony of two million bacteria in a time scale of 7 hours . In 10 minutes you will have 2 bacteria. They have been on this plant for billions of years . They can adapted to floods ,droughts, and extreme temperatures . Bacteria can be categorised visually . This is done by their shape and arrangement . Bacteria reproduce and live outside the cell of a human body . Antibiotics can kill bacteria. Bacterial cell walls are made of peptidoglycan . viruses . These can only be seen with an electron microscope as they are the smallest of all the microorganisms . they can be found on surfaces or floating in the air. The virus can only reproduce using the reproductive mechanism of the human cell . It has to trick the host cell to take it inside . The incubation period is from when the virus enters the body until it has found a receptive cell . Unlike bacteria antibiotics cannot kill viruses because they live inside a cell and antibiotics cannot attack human cells . Our immune systems produce antibodies once our body has successfully fought off the infection the 1st time ready for the next attack by that particular virus. However if the strain of virus is slightly different to the virus 1st time around it will not recognize it so our body will have to create a new antibody. Vaccinations can prepare the body to fight infections . Not all viruses are bad . viruses are now being used to kill…