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In today’s life, getting good grades are very important for students. As the world becomes more competitive, almost all the parents want their kids to be better than others in order to find better jobs in the future. Sometimes students become depressed from the pressure to get good grades. They believe that their future is depending on their grades. The pressure that students receive from parents and school has caused stress and many other problems. The pressure to get good grades is usually caused by parents. Parents all want their children to go to good colleges or even get scholarships. They believe that their kids must do well on every test or quiz. In order to meet parents’ expectations, students have to work extremely hard. Sometimes students feel really depressed, and depression can even lead students to illness because they spend too much time on homework without any out-door activities. Some parents begin to think about high ranked colleges when their kids just get into elementary schools. That means many kids have felt stressful at a young age. This is obviously not something parents want to see. Many young kids are being stressed in school, some of them even begin to wear glasses at a very young age. Some students want to take high-level classes. In order to do that, they have to work even harder than other students. But the problem is that not all the students are good enough to get good grades on these classes, and some of them might not be able to overcome these challenges. As a result, students might think about cheating so they can get better grades. These pressures from school definitely affect students negatively. Although many parents believe that putting some pressure on students can help them do better in school, things usually go wrong in real life. When students are in high school, they receive a lot of pressures from parents and schools because everyone wants they to get better grades so they can go to good Universities. In order to spend more time on homework, many students choose to sacrifice their sleeping time. Some students might even choose some medications to keep them stay awake. But doing it could make them feel tired in next day’s…