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Elizabeth Morrison
Project Team H
February 15, 2015

Some points made in this article were that a lot of Britain’s form their opinions on the Muslim community based on the things they hear in the news. After hearing that over the course of 16 years over 1000 girls were brutally exploited by a Muslim gang, they became stereotypical. They believed that even though not every Muslim or Pakistani was a part of the act, they were to be blamed as well. Even though many non-Muslims have taken part in such crimes, they believe that the Muslims are the ones to blame for preying on young white girls.

Everyone is also afraid of terrorism, especially with a new plot being unveiled almost every month. The Muslims are lumped into one big category when it comes to how we view them. With the way they dress and look people tend to get an uncomfortable feeling while being around them. Events in the Middle East have also contributed to Islamophobia. When two British aids were beheaded, all of Britain was outraged and took it out on the whole community no matter what their views on the matter were. I think this article will help our group pinpoint key areas as to why Islamophobia exists today. It also helps show that it’s not only in America and because of the 9/11 attacks, but in other places for different reasons as well. Britain,
Holland, and France are actually one of the bigger problem areas when it comes to Islamophobia. Holland and France have recently passed a