Causes Of Failure In The Great Gatsby

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Most people wish to live the American Dream, but some are unable to achieve this dream. The book The Great Gatsby was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. A story where Jay Gatsby tries to achieve his dream even with many obstacles in the way and ends in failure. The American dream is the desire to gain to a specific goal. In the book, Gatsby’s dream is to be reunited with his past love Daisy, but he was unsuccessful because he became too obsessed, was too determined to get her back and she had already moved on.

Firstly, Gatsby’s need to see Daisy led him to becoming obsessed for wanting to see her. This lead to him wanting to be closer to her and as such moved to West Egg. Fitzgerald says “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay.” (Fitzgerald 83). This shows that he wanted to be close to Daisy. For this reason he bought the house in West Egg, just so he could look over the bay and see her home. Even they were a considerable distance apart he still wanted to see her, face to face. After they met, his obsession grew. After Gatsby and Daisy met each other after five years, he showed how much he loved her by showing her newspaper
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Even though Daisy was already married and had a child it would’ve been difficult for them to be together. “She’s catholic,...She doesn’t believe in divorce.” (Fitzgerald 46). This statement was made to show that even if she could leave Tom for Gatsby she couldn’t do it because she has no belief in a divorce.
In conclusion, Gatsby’s American dream remained what it was only a dream. Even though he had a deep desire to see it come true and his confidence in himself to see it through, there were still obstacles that prevented his dream from ever coming true. The American dream is something everyone wants to achieve but for most it will only remain a dream, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be