Causes Of Global Warming

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1. 90% of the global warming has been caused by human factors since 1950. This data was just released by the UN in a recent report on climate change. This panel studied the main components of climate change to determine that humans had caused the majority of the climate change.
2. The hottest decade spanned from 2000-2009. During this 10-year time period, the temperature was a degree hotter than in 1970. While this may seem like a small amount, even a small temperature increase is significant in global matters.
3. Global warming facts,the year 2011 saw the most CO2 dumping at the rate of about 1000 tons/second into the air. Factories were the highest causes of CO2 emissions. The numbers for 2012 are also expected to be high.
4. The sea level has risen approximately 1 inch. Scientists predict that at the current rate, the sea level rising will become a serious problem by the year 2100.
5. China is a worse offender than the US in CO2 emissions. They emit about 40% more CO2 than the US currently. Since China is known for their factories and as a major producer of goods, lowering their amount of emissions has been uneffective so far.
6. The CO2 level is currently the highest it’s been in 650,000 years. There has been an 11% increase since 1950. The rate at which CO2 is rising is cause for concern for many scientists and other people in the environmental field.

7. Climate change has had a huge change on the earth. For example, when earth was only 9 degrees cooler, the ice over New York City was over 2000 feet thick. There is a chance that the Earth will be 9 degrees hotter by 2100. This change would have a huge impact on the current landmass.
8. Global warming facts, Reducing the CO2 emissions by 20% would be incredibly cheap and only cost about 16 cents per person every day. By taxing companies that produce large CO2 emissions, this