Causes of Smoking Essay

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Smoking is known as one of the worst habits to break. Most people who start never quit because it is just too hard to quit, or they are just so addicted to the tobacco. People just do not see the real problems that smoking can cause, smoking can cause many major health issues for example, Lung cancer, Emphysema, and also can cause heart problems. I should know my grandmother died from Lung cancer six years ago.

Everyday, about 3,000 teenagers smoke their first cigarette. About half of those teenagers become addicted and then regular smokers before the age of eighteen.About one third of these teenagers will die of lung cancer, heart disease, leukemia, or some other smoke related problems or diseases. Another effect of smoking is the chemicals that they put in the cigarette, they put carbon monoxide, nicotine and carcinogens that not only cause irreparable damage to the smoker, but also to those around Them who inhale the smoke. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas, another chemical in a cigarette is tar it is sticky and brown. The affect that cigarette chemicals have on the body is that Carbon monoxide reduces blood capacity to carry oxygen, which causing fatigue and panting even with the slightest movement. The nicotine in the cigarette reduces the activity of the brain and nervous system. It also could cause high blood pressure. Some people from the result of smoking might need a voice box also known as a larynx. My grandmother started smoking when she was twelve