Causes of Stress Essay

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According to statistics, the top three causes of stress in the United States are work pressure, money, and health. Although others would choose three different causes, these are the ones that affect me the most. If they have the same causes, they would have different reasons to why. An example would be the hours involved in different jobs.

In my case, I have to deal with very loud music, a lot of people, and customers getting out of hand. I work in the lounge called Hookah Inn. This is a place where you can smoke hookah included with some entertainment like television and music. It is a spot for all types of people, young or old, boys or girls. My job is relaxing, fun, and easy, especially for me because I have always been around hookahs, even back home.

I started smoking hookah when I was nine years old. It is a tradition in my country. Everyone has at least one or two hookahs in their home, even if they don’t smoke; it is for their visitors. I am one of the people who started smoking hookah early, because my father is a smoker and through time, he taught me everything I know about hookah. After he taught me everything, I was able to make them from scratch by myself. That is the reason why I enjoy my job, because it is something I love to do. This is what makes work, less stressful.

Unfortunately, any job includes some stress. In my job, the stress revolves around the weekends for many reasons. One of the main reasons is the increasingly loud music. As I mentioned before, Hookah Inn provides entertainment for their customers. Everyone comes to smoke and have fun, mostly on the weekends. These people are young students who enjoy to be surrounded by loud music. We have a DJ in our facility, who comes by on the weekends, and everyone asks for the music to be at the loudest it can reach. It got to the point that it blew one of our speakers already. I dislike this type of music, which is hip-hop and house. On a regular basis, I have to listen to this for more than nine hours a day and it causes me to lose my concentration. It makes me perform my job with no mind. It causes me to rush through my job, because as a second reason for my stress, more people show up.

The loud beating music attracts more customers, which makes us have to rush through what we are doing. At this point, I have to rush to each person to change their coals and set people down in a station. Not only that, but I also have to handle the cash register. It is hard to concentrate and charge people the correct amount because the music is beating loudly in my head. Everyone sees me running back and forth to handle everything, and they will continue