Essay on Causes of the French Revoultion

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This weekend I watched an amazing movie called Identity Theft, Directed by Seth Gordon. Starring Jason Bateman as Sandy, husband and father of two. Who is Financial Advisor for a Law Firm. Also Melissa McCarthy as Diana, an unemployed over weight woman who steels identities. This movie is filled with so many hilarious situations that planted the seed that blossomed into beautiful relationship between Sandy and Diana. Which you never see coming because of the situation that brought them together in the first place. I will describe the movie to the best of my abilities, this is Identity Theft. Sandy is tired of taking unnecessary drama from his boss. So when is asked by his colleagues to start their own firm, he joined without hesitance. Out of know where in his new beautiful chapter in his life his identity is stolen. To save his personal identity, his families’ security, and his job he must hunt Diana down within a week. Diana shocked to see him tries to run, but through bribery he gets her to go with him. The trip home with the criminal Diana, he learns that she is not a horrible person. She is just a lost lonely person. Through countless car crashes, stabs, and gun shots later they unite as a team to keep Diana alive to from poisonous business relationships before. So all in all he decides not to turn her in to authorities, she does however turn herself in as a result. Sandy’s family, and himself, fall in love with Diana she becomes a part of the family while in prison. The strengths of the movie would have to be the family bond. The relationship Sandy has with his wife is beautiful. They have a very passionate relationship that the actors played off so real. Sandy and his two daughters are divine. It’s the kind of father daughter relationship that everyone would agree is ideal. While hit with the reality that she was destroying this families life, their relationship made a criminal like Diana to turn herself in. They go through many challenges while driving, mending their relationship. They way they met weren’t normal, the result of it painted a beautiful unique picture. Coming from compete hatred to unconditional love was the conclusion. How? By showing their true colors through vulnerability, during the process of learning more about each other. Honestly I cannot