Causes Of The Holocaust

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During the Second World War, the Nazi which was led by Adolf Hitler tried to kill all the Jews. The Nazis killed six million Jewish people and children. This period in time is known as the holocaust. After being defeat in World War I, Germany was embarrassed by the Versailles Treaty. In 1933, Adolf Hitler the leader of the Nazi was named chancellor of Germany by President Paul von Hindenburg after the Nazi party won an important amount of votes in an election. The Nazi Party had taken advantage of the conflict in Germany to gain an electoral foothold. The Nazi’s advertise campaigns against political opponents like the Weimar government and the Jews whom the Nazis blamed for Germany's evils. Rwanda was a monarchy up until it was taken over by Germany as part of their empire. After World War I, it was removed from Germany and given as a state to Belgium. The Belgium decided to rule the Rwandan people by dividing them into class groups. They then decided to favors Tutsis as ‘superior’ to the Hutus and rule with their help. This caused anger against the Belgian-employed Tutsis, who forced the harsh taxes and other laws made by the Belgian government. Through several events, the Hutus had more power and conquered the government. The Party for Hutu Emancipation discriminated harshly against Tutsis. When the nation of Burundi separated from Rwanda some of the Tutsis came together and tried to capture Rwanda’s capital, Kigali In 1973. All other political parties were made illegal and marriages between Hutus and Tutsis were also banned. However, many Hutus opposed the regime as being too ‘moderate’ There are many similarities and differences between Jews and Rwanda. One difference is the Tutsi fought back and the Jews took a long time and it was too late. The Jews plan against the Nazi wasn’t as organized as the Tutsi were organized. Over 800,000 Tutsi were murdered in just about 100 days compared to the 6 Million Jews murdered over the 6 years of World War 2. The Hutu did not only kill Tutsi but other Hutu that opposed their ideas and even government officials that opposed what they had to say. On the other hand the Nazi party was an agreement that only targeted the “Inferior race”.Both Rwanda and the Holocaust were caused because one grouped believed it was genetically and ethnically better than the other. Ellie Wiesel was in Born September 30, 1928. He led a life typical of many Jewish children. Growing up in a small village in Romania, his world revolved around family, religious study, and community. Yet his family, community and religion were destroyed upon the deportation of his village in 1944. Arguably the most powerful and renowned passage in Holocaust literature, his first book, Night; tell the experience of the Jews. Wiesel survived the holocaust and Wiesel spent a few