Causes Of War Essay

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Why we have wars?

“War is a clash of interest that results in a violent struggle”, basically it means that it’s a conflict between different countries, most often with the use of weapons. We can divide different intensity of conflicts into high intensity and low intensity.

Low intensity conflicts are usually done by a group of people like terrorists, resistance group or revolutionaries. They are people that want to make a change in their live by impact on the government. Most of the times those people choose to do something towards changes instead waiting for a miracle, for example if a head of a country is a tyrant or doesn’t care about the country, people would make him renounce being a leader. Low intensity conflicts are most often caused because the political, economic, informational or military instruments. They use low quality weapons like AK-47 or second-hand weapons. Low intensity conflicts are often localized, generally in the Third World, but contain regional and global security implications.
High intensity conflicts are between different governments like during the World War I and the World War II and with the use of:
Military force and high quality weapons as highly hazardous biochemical weapons and guns.
Propaganda – influence in the people attitude towards something by public speeches, TV or radio audition. Usually responsible for propaganda people they purposely lie to convince public to the idea or the vision of their.
There are many reasons why people