Cayrin: A Short Story

Words: 397
Pages: 2

Nevaeh was a good high school student, she had all A’s. She only had a few more months of babysitting left, until she got the call. The call was from the Thompson's mother, she had a terrible child named Cayrin. Cayrin was a good child until he got addicted to a stupid game called basketball. Basketball was Cayrins life, his blood, and his only way to get to college. He always talked about it until that one day, the day when he had his first shot blocked. Cayrin was so disappointed in himself. Then a year after dealing with Cayrin for a year, his mom gave up.

She gave up and then got a job and then she had no choice but to get a babysitter for the kid named Cayrin. Although he was talking, he was still in betrayal from when he got stuffed