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• We have all different cultural people involved in our website on games on every part of the website we have different cultural people.
• CBBC take cultural very serious and encourage it threw out the website. • We make sure different videos and advertisement and different parts of the page include different cultural.
• They have a reposition for having all different culture if they don’t people can call and complain to CBBC if they have any issues with the culture on the site.
• This is a example of including all different cultures this picture bellow is a screen shot direct from the website it shows a set of cultures. ADAPTING
• Adapting is like having information that’s easily readable for kids or teenagers visiting the site we ensure the text and font is easily readable
• We have a sign language interrupter we don’t single out kids with hearing or reading issues. Subtitles are available and most shows and games have a sign language interrupter for deaf or hard to hear people.
• The website is easy to use for kids its fun and interactive for kids and young people bellow is a picture of a show with a sign language interpreter.

• The CBBC is very accurate an has lots of interesting information the website has very direct information.
• The information on our whole website is relevant and has good content all our information is suitable for kids and children.
• There is no adverts or money making schemes the website and shows are to educate and entertain kids not for money making purposes it is safe website threw out there is no harm