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3.0 In the 'Levendary Cafe - China Challenge' case study we have observed that both Mia Foster the CEO Louis Chen the President of Levendary China are dominating characters. Both are Low Context that is both speak directly and to the point and don't beat around the bush when it comes to taking important business decisions. This will create hinderance in the communication between them as both will try to prove their point. Mia Foster being the CEO has to tackle this situation tactfully and needs to use some techniques of handling multicultural teams as Levendary Cafe has expanded its operations to China and in future may spread their wings and try to tap other international markets as well. So she will have to work with sub-ordinates from different cultures and should know how to handle them.

3.1 Steps to build an effective multicultural work environment:

3.1.1 Build respect and trust with each other: Respect in a team means when people are aware of everyone's contribution to the team and value the importance of those contributions. Managers from the West sometimes feel that managers from the developing countries do not have sophisticated and complex business environment experience like they do, but managers from developing economies often have experience in managing difficult business environment and also have formal training for doing that. Moreover they have the knowledge of their local market and know exactly what the customers need and how to keep up to the customer's expectations with the available resources. These skills of the managers are of great help to any company who is trying to expand their business overseas. Trust in a team means that everyone believes that decisons taken by any member is for the good of the company, even in the absence of other team members.Like respect even trust increases motivation and commitment and increases the quality of the communication process between the team members. In this case Chen has great knowledge of the Chinese market and has built a strong base for Levendary Cafe in China, he has also sown that he is capable of shouldering the responsibilities in the absence of his superiors. So Mia Foster should value his contribution in order to gain Chen's respect and trust. She needs to do this because she is new in her role as a CEO and right now if she starts dictating terms to Chen it will create a permanent rift between them and then communication will become impossible. Trust is based on taking risk, only when you take the risk of trusting someone you come to know whether that person is trustworthy or not. So here Chen will be able to prove that he is taking decisions which are in the good interest of the company only if he is allowed to take unsupervised decisions by Mia for sometime atleast. Lane,W. Maznevski,M. DiStefano,J. Dietz, J (2009).

3.1.2 Define Roles: After building respect and trust now the managers should clearly define the roles of all the team members and also the goals which need to be achieve. Doing this is important because this gives the members a clear picture of what their target is and what are the boundaries set for them within which they can perform to the best of their ability. The managers should the make the team members aware of the important issues and the concerns of the organisation and how they can mitigate it by working together and arriving on a common consensus. Mia should assogn tasks to COO Nick White, CFO Peter Steele to take a survey of the Cafes in China from time to time and report the ongoings to her. She should also keep Chen in the loop by telling him the tasks that she assigned to White and Steele and make him understand that this is being done not to keep a vigil on him but with an intention to provide him support and help whenever he requires. She should also put it across gently to Chen that it she trusts him with the responsibility of sending the management and financial reports as per the GAAP format as it…