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Ques: Define mindful leadership, theoretical discussion on how mindful leadership can be achieved, examples given (from case and other sources)

Ans: A mindful leadership is to acquire the ability to maintain transparency, knowledge, skills, concentration, excitement and compassion for making all the decisions and using best of the resources to reach common goals which increases the well being of all associates. As a mindful manager It is their responsibility to keep an eye over the employees so that they can go on the right track.

In the case study we acknowledged that Mia has keenly interested in Lavendary’s growth so she has analyzed about financial reports which Chang has deposited to Denver are all in Chinese format and they are not using GAAP ( Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) in their monthly auditory report which stacked her for some negative intuition.

As a mindful leader she decided to hire an international financial analyst for the Denver finance team and thought Lavendary’s auditor should also manage the China audit. And she managed it very thoughtfully.

Mia should follow five steps to achieve the mindful leadership:

1. Cultivating the ability – The word “cultivate” indicates the purposeful and conscious choice made by leaders to learn and practice the mindfulness qualities. Here Mia has decided to firstly go through the China Lavender Project and discussed it with the concerned persons COO Nick White and Steele and furthermore gone for the analysis and find the raising issues which are contradicting to Lavender’s standards. And try to get the best approach to resolve these issues. The emphasis is on an ongoing process of nurturing mindful leadership qualities rather than traits a leader is born with.
2) Focus, clarity, curiosity, and compassion – A mindful leader practices the mindfulness qualities of focus, clarity, curiosity, and compassion.
Focus in this context refers to the ability Of Mia to stay present with the task at hand and not be distracted or succumb to mind wandering.
Clarity is the ability to see things as they are with full awareness of your emotions and biases. In the absence of clarity, leaders are dictated by their subconscious preferences that can blind them from understanding the problem and finding solutions. So here Mia Foster was clear about her vision of maintaining standard of Lavendary and achieving the China Challenge.
Curiosity is the attitude of staying open to explore a situation from multiple perspectives instead of operating on autopilot, which may be efficient but can lead to oversight and limited creativity. Mia was curious to head on the challenge made by Wall Street.
Compassion refers to the ability to care for others, see things from their perspective and take the right actions for their well-being. Mia has taken care the feelings of louis Chen and worked in a quite manner because she wanted to have productive relationship with Chen and she knows very well that it is not going to be easy in future.
3) Decisions and processes – The