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CCLD 207: Contribute to the effectiveness of the team

K207H01: In order to be a good member of the team, I ensure I know and follow the policies and procedures of the setting. I keep up to date with the new regulations and legislation in a childcare setting.
My setting has a number of policies in place that follow the children’s rights and laws covering equality and inclusion within England and Wales. These include The Children Act 1999, The Adoption Act 1976, Protection of Children Act 1999, Sexual Offences Act 2003, Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000, Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001, Race Relations Act 200, The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1990. These ensure that we have equal opportunities for every child in our setting, and I can confirm that I will actively promote equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practices for all children and all children in my setting will be treated with equal concern and respect.
K207H02: I always conduct myself in a professional manner, treat others equally regardless of their ability, gender, age, and race and try to be a good model for the children. I listen for the other adults I work with and value their opinion. I ensure that all personal information remains confidential.
I ensure I work in a team and offer my help when the other members of team are asking for it. I have a good open communication with all the other members of staff and try to be positive and encourage the other adults to make the right decisions. I use body language to support verbal communication and remain sensitive to each others needs. I am flexible and reliable and if there is any issue in the setting I try to identify it as soon as possible and resolve it. I never miss meetings with all members of staff and have open conversation to highlight all the issues and necessary actions.
I take responsibility for my actions and in case of a conflict I don’t blame others for the reason of the conflict and try to minimise it as much as possible. I keep calm and listen to the others to solve any misunderstandings.
K207H03: I am very organised and efficient and keep all the documents up to date in a locked cupboard. All personal information about children, parents and staff are strictly confidential and I understand that under no circumstances such information can be shared or used for any other purpose than it was meant for, unless prior permission is given. Parents are able to see at any time (with permission) the records kept about their own children.
K207H04: There is a file available for access at all times containing the most current policies and procedures. This is available to both staff and parents.
K207H05: There are many principles that underpin effective team work. I ensure I have good open communication with all members of the team as this is the key and an important part of interaction with other members of the team. I participate in all meetings within the setting and at the Head Office and maintain a good level of communication with all the departments involved in our job.
K207H06: everyone has a unique style of interaction and must be sensitive to others’ feelings when communicating within a team. I always try to keep positive and encourage positive behaviour rather than dwelling on the negative. I try to encourage a person’s