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“Continuity & Change Over Time” Pre-Writing

Beginning Date: 300 C.E.
End Date: 1450 C.E.

Trading back and worth happened primarily between Europe and North Africa.
Trade between Afro-Eurasian wasn’t that developed.

It becomes more of a network based on mass market goods rather than luxuries, as in the Silk Roads ideas, religion, and beliefs were also beginning to trade.
More religions were available to be spread.
During development of the Islam trade became even more constant as Muslims tried to spread Islam through trade.

The trade routes were expanded southward and westward.
Societies of West Africa became more centralized and were strengthened from trade.
Routes became more direct between different areas by using the sea as a route.
Better navigation allowed better sea trade which increased the amounts of sea trade networks. People became able to travel through the sea more efficiently which everyone liked.

The Mediterranean Sea was continually used as a link between Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.
Trade stayed the same because some of the major trading goods were constant.
Trade of mass produced, not luxury goods continued between Northern Africa, Middle East, and Europe which elites and merchants benefitted from trade.

1) Change and Analysis: The changes that occurred during the time of 300 C.E. and 1450 C.E. between African and Eurasian trade networks was that trade networks are expanding and sea trade became popular , they found an innovative/advanced way on how to trade and