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During 200 B.C.E. to 1450 B.C.E. the interaction along the Silk Roads continued in the amount of people that were trading along it and how the Silk Road is where people had traded mainly traded their luxurious goods but, it had changed by the Mongols who had come in and they made the Silk Road safer for everyone to trade. Also, the spread of disease like the Bubonic Plague had changed the interaction along the Silk Road.

The change of the Mongols coming in and making the Silk Road a very safe place to trade was significant to the entire world. It allowed merchants (they were the ones that mainly traded) and others to give their luxury goods and technological innovations by not having the fear of having anything stolen. This had impacted the Mongols into a positive way because it made their reputation of coming into Eurasia and changing the process of trading for the entire world. The cause of this was trading was a “major activity” that people all around the world did and the Mongols wanted to improve upon it. The effect of this happening was it had made everyone who traded less freighting to give luxury goods away because it was organized and secure.

Another change within the Silk Roads was that disease was becoming a major impact. Since the Silk Road was mainly throughout present-day Asia and Europe it had high rates of disease to spread. The known disease that affected the Europeans mostly was the Bubonic Plague. It had killed nearly a third of there population. Globally the world was affected also because it spread in India and China also but didn’t do as much harm. The cause of this was that disease would easily spread because there is people coming from all around Eurasia and they could catch it and spread the disease. The effect of the Bubonic plague was that the population mainly in Europe had dropped drastically but also other parts of Eurasia.