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A courtroom work group is considered to be a non-formal arrangement that is help between a criminal prosecutor, a criminal defense attorney, and the judicial officer. The courtroom work group works together interactively on a daily basis. The way they do this is by making sure that all of the groups are following the rules. They also want to make sure that all of the rules that are followed in each group are followed within a timely manner. The role of the prosecutor is to make sure the government is properly protected. Their role is to also make sure that the communities are safe. The way that the prosecutor determines which cases need to be pursued is by reviewing all the facts and evidence brought on by each individual case. Without the prosecutor going through the evidence and all the facts, there could be many trials that got thrown out due to not enough evidence or lack of facts and witnesses. If the criteria for taking cases were more stringent then more people would be prosecuted quickly and more effectively. If the criteria were less stringent then more people could get away and innocent people could be charged based on evidence. The changes I would recommend take place in the courtroom would be that the courts have more concrete and solid evidence. Things have started getting better over the years with evidence as far the technology to find better clues. However, if there were more things that people could find out and sooner, then a lot of cases would not ever…