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CCT210 Final Exam Review
Part 1:
1. All in the Fmaily (pg182)
>>>Level one: Reailty + Understand social codes through appearance, dress, make up, environment, behavior, speech, gesture.etc. +These are social electronically through technical codes such as:
>>>Level two: Representation +Camera, lighting, editing, music, sound. +Transmits to conventional representational codes which shape the representations of, for example, narrative conflict, character, action, dialogue, setting, casting, etc.
>>>Level three: Ideology +Organized into coherence and social acceptability by the ideological codes such as: individualism, patriarchy, race, class, materialism, capitalism, etc. +Certain social codes such as skin color, dress and facial expression are relating easy to understand whereas those that make up a landscape, for example, are less easy to specify systematically. +Example: different trees have different connotative meanings. A tree reflected in a lake could be a connotation of a romantic narrative.

2. “Daily Me” + “The Daily Me” is a communication package that is personally designed. There are many questions that follow the package. These question include:
How will this alter the capacity of citizens to govern them?
What are the social precautions? +Consumers can choose that they want to view in online media. Consumers are able to personalize pages to show what they interested in. +Example: maybe you want to focus sports all the time; you choose replays of famous football games in the early evening, live baseball from New York at night. + Without “Daily Me”, one has created a free society with the power to filter out things that don't interest us through everyday choice. With in inability to choose one might come across something they read and decide that it has interest them.

3. Bystander/Aggressor Effect +Bystander effect is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases in