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Competency Statement VI(To maintain a commitment to professionalism) Professionalism

My professional practices meet the standard to maintain a commitment to professionalism because I have learned to make decisions based on the knowledge of early childhood education practices. I have also learned that it is important to take advantage of opportunities to improve knowledge for personal and professional growth to benefit my students and their families. That it is important to not confront other co workers and parents based on my own personal beliefs. Being a professional early childhood educator means that everything we do is for the benefit of the children in our care. Being a professional means keeping my children safe, healthy and continuing to encourage their development by keeping them engaged in activities that will help promote their learning. Professionalism can also be exhibited through an intentional educator, one that comes up with a desired lesson plan and outcome and is successful and sometimes not, in execution. Being an intentional educator also means you reflect back on your teaching practices and make the proper changes to become successful the next time or simply reflecting on what went right so that you now know how to maintain the same results. We have high expectations, choose activities that are engaging, and we plan. With high expectations we expect children to challenge themselves and to be sure of what they are doing and that makes kids more competent. We adopt activities that children will benefit from while always keeping in mind the individual needs of each child and being able to revise activities for any child's needs.


I chose to become and early childhood professional because I have always had an interest in teaching new things to young children. I wanted to know the basics and how a young child's mind works because I also know that early education is a very critical stage because these