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Megan Rheingans CDO 130 Assignment #1 January 12, 2013
Assignment one
I do agree that speech is a more convenient and efficient form of communication that any other form, and I also disagree with this statement. I believe for those who are able to speak than this is the most convenient form of communication. That people can really portray their own personalities, and what they are trying to share with speech. I believe that speech is what people use on a much more regular basis that other forms of communication like written language or non-oral. But for those who are unable to speak than I believe that non-oral communication is more convenient for them. If people are able to speak than speech is almost useless to them, and non-oral becomes the most important forms of communication. So with non-oral communication like American Sign Language and facial expressions become more important. Written language such as texting has been growing in popularity and with it comes both some advantages and disadvantages. With the spread of written language it is causing people to become less socialized. If people do not have to verbally communicate with other people, and can get by with just texting people, or emailing them that it can cause a decline in people’s social skills. They no longer are comfortable talking to others face to face because they feel more comfortable in just sending them a text or an email. It also causes a decline in grammar. People who are sending quick texts or a quick email than they are not worried about grammar or punctuation. So when it come time to write a more professional type document, people’s grammatical skills are not always up to par and may make their writing much harder to understand. An advantage to the rise in popularity of the written language is it makes communication much more accessible to people. That people can send an email almost instantly, and where ever they are. With technology being available that enables forms of communication like emailing and texting, it gives people a wide range access to communication. Another advantage to written communication is for people with hearing disorders. For people who are deaf or hard of hearing written communication makes it easier for them to communicate with others that may not know their own for of communication. Not everyone knows sign language so if a deaf people needs to communicate with a hearing person they