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From the view point of a hiring manager, I would not hire Lashawn Jackson, based on his professional profile, and resume. My first issue is with his professional profile, it is not professional. It is more on a personal level. He has a photograph with two of his children, and is dressed in casual clothing. He talks more about his personal life, than about professional things. He also went as far as to have his wife write something about him, in the profile. There are a lot of grammatical errors, and punctuation errors. It’s almost like he was auditioning for a best mom of the year contest. His resume looks like it was prepared by one of his children. The formatting is completely off, and it is too short. It lacks detail, and depth of his work experiences, and skills. He did not put any effort in marketing himself when preparing this resume. It almost looks like he just did it last minute. The resume was just boring. Nothing to draw anyone in. Thing was just out of order.
Some suggestions I would make to Lashawn pertaining to his profile, would be to create something that is going to draw someone in. More like he is selling himself. I would advise him to do some research to see what a professional profile should and should not consist of. You the information he researched as a guideline when doing his profile.
My suggestions pertaining to his resume would be to download a resume template. So that all he would have to do is input his information in, and it would be