Cedar Breaks PackFitting Essay

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Cedar Breaks

Ergo III Gel Harness
6 simple steps to adjust your BlackWolf Cedar Breaks pack for a perfect fit.


Step 1: Back Length
The first step is to adjust the packs back length to suit your torso, with the hip belt 2 on your hips the shoulder straps 1 should follow the curve of your back with no gaps.


To adjust the back length of your Cedar Breaks pack slide the shoulder harness yoke up or down on the aluminium frame bars and loosen or tighten the two ladderlock buckles on both sholder straps A to set the back length to suit your back (this may take couple of attempts adjusting the back and trying it on for size, it's easier with another person to help or stand side-on near a mirror to check the shoulder fit)


1. Shoulder Strap
2. Hip Belt
3. Chest Strap
4. Load Lifters
5. Hip Stabiliser



Step 2: Hip Belt
With all straps loosened, place hipbelt 2 directly over your hip bones and tighten it. Your goal when your pack is in use is to carry around 80% of your load on your hips.
Step 3: Load lifters (also called Top Tension straps)
The load lifter straps go from the top of your shoulder to the top of the frame of the pack and control whether the distribution of the load between your hips and shoulders. Tightening these straps 4 will bring the load closer to your back and bring more weight onto your shoulders, loosening the load lifter straps will allow more of the load to be carried on your hips. Initially tighten the load lifter straps to take up the slack but not so much that the shoulder straps begin to lift off your shoulders.


Step 4: Chest strap (also called Sternum Strap)
Adjust the height of the chest strap 3 to a comfortable level and do up the buckle it should be low enough that it is away from…