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Celebrity Analysis In this celebrity analysis paper I will be analyzing Lindsey Lohan’s personality through two different theories. Lindsey Lohan is an American actress, model and recording artist who began her career at the early age of three. Using Sigmud Freuds psychodynamic theory which evaluates early childhood experiences, internal psychological processes, unconscious motivations, defense mechanisms and ego I will analyze Lohan. Strengths of this theory being I will be able to link Lindsey Lohan’s memories to her actions in present day. Unfortunately, the down fall of this theory is that I am unable to discriminate whether her memories are conscious or unconscious. Michael Lohan, Lindsey’s Father, bad habits had a major impact on the Lohan family. When Lindsey was four years old Michael was found to be abusive to his wife Dina Lohan and soon after sent to jail for fraudulent trade in merchandise. Lohan then moved back to her Moms home in Merrick, Long Island. Lindsey’s parents divorced at the height of her career in 2007 which Lohan took very harshly blaming many aspects of the divorce on herself. In turn Lindsey questioned many aspects of her life. She dearly wanted to be with her family causing her to become depressed and lonely particularly because of the added absence of her a Father figure. Her defense mechanisms (way of coping) was to begin the long and tumultuous journey of drug, specifically cocaine, and alcohol use. Adding to her repertoire of bad ways, Lindsey was charged with several D.U.I.s and placed into rehab three times for her disruptive ways. Lindsey’s internal psychological processes was that she could solve or at least allude her problems for a short time by turning to drugs and alcohol.
Albert Bandura’s social cognitive theory (SCT) examines how peoples' interactions with others around them and the culture with which they classify with affect their behavior. The benefits of this theory is that we are able to track Lindsey’s problems and actions back to an incident in her life, someone or something. Although, the down fall of this theory is that there is a broad spectrum in Lindsey’s social group