Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse
One of the greatest singer, song writer was born on 14 September, 1983, in the Southgate area of London, England. She was raised in a working class family where her mother worked as a pharmacist and her father was a cab driver. She grew up listening to jazz, her uncles from her mother’s side were professional jazz singers. Because of her strong roots with music, she listen to different range of music from James Tylor to Sarah Vaughan, at 10 years old her taste of music was changed and she was more into R&B and other hip-hop music acts.
When Amy Winehouse was 12, she got accepted into Sylvia Young Theatre School, she received her first musical instrument a year later which was a guitar. But by the age of 16 Amy was expelled for “not Applying herself” and piercing her nose. That same year got herself recognizes into music industry, when her close friend from school Tyler James who was a pop singer at that time passed her demo to his record label, A&R, they were in search of a jazz vocalist which led towards a record deal with Island/universal and received publishing deal with EMI. She hired a band called Dap-King and started to write and record her first album.
In early 2003 she met Blake Fielder-civil at a local bar, who was a video production assistant. Their relationship was up and down from the beginning.
Her first album Frank was released in 20 October 2003 was big hit. She won two BRIT awards for Best British Female Solo Artist and Best British Urban Act and was nominated for Mercury Music Prize. Her album Frank hit double platinum and “Stronger Then Me” was one of debut single on the album earned her an Ivor Novello Award. In 2005 Amy collaborate with producer Mark Ronson and started to write her second album. Mark Ronson and Amy were a great team and because of their collaboration she wrote the whole album in 6 months. All that success and fame after her album release took a tool on her reputation and lifestyle, she was often in newspapers with headlines of party girl and her sudden weight loss. Late 2006 she drop several dress sizes, Winehouse told in an interview her new slim look is due to cut down on her drug use.
Amy’s stormy relationship with Blake was creating problems in her life, she admitted to drown herself in alcohol due to break up with Blake she use that heart break to write her album. She start to turn up on her appearances drunk, her alcohol and drugs use was making hard for her to perform live or in a club. Her management company advised her to enter rehab but rather than listening to their company. She left her company and wrote a famous song on her album: “they tired to make me got to rehab”.
October 27, 2006 she released her 2nd album “Back To Black”, which was again hit all over the world and loved by everyone internationally too. She won several awards for rehab, in 2007 Back To Black was top selling album in the UK. Early 2007 Amy and Blake decided to give another chance to their relationship and got back together again. May 2007 the couple got married in Miami, Florida, but their happiness was short lived after one month there was pictures of her self-harming herself, Amy who admitted in past that she had a problem with depression and self-harm. In one of her