Celia Garth By Gwen Bristow: Character Analysis

Words: 860
Pages: 4

Behind the dark hair and dark eyes is a young woman with more courage and bravery then most men in Charleston, this woman was Celia Garth. Celia Garth was written by Gwen Bristow, who was a historical fiction author. She wrote about Celia, who is a young and talented woman who has endured much love and heartbreak in her life. What the reader learns from the Celia is through the ups and downs in life, everyone has to take each day as if it is a new one. Even through the ups and downs in Celia’s life taught the importance of having others, and having different appearances with many different thoughts of other characters. Celia uses the phrases “I love you” and “purpose” through the book numerous times. These two simple phrases affect Celia’s appearances tremendously. She might have “thick, …show more content…
Celia is a diligent, compassionate person, and other characters saw that in her. “’Thank you dear, you make me very happy”’ (Bristow, 393). Vivian said this to Celia after Luke and her came to a conclusion on what to name their daughter, they decided to name their daughter Vivian. As the reader goes toward the beginning of the book, Celia grew a forever bond with her fiancé, Jimmy. “’Oh Celia, I know so many words, I can speak Latin and I can speak French, but how does a man tell a girl in plain English that he loves her”’ (Bristow, 75). Jimmy had loved Celia and had hopes of marrying and creating a forever family with her, unfortunately their relationship was cut short when Jimmy was killed. As the reader journeys toward the middle of the book Celia gets an old job that she hated, though things may be getting better. “’It is hard to lose a loved one”’ (Bristow, 253). As Mrs. Thorley says this to Celia she shows compassion to her, as she is enduring the loss of her fiancé. As the reader finishes the book, the reader realizes that Celia was not loved by one, she was loved by