Celiac Disease Research Paper

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Imagine walking into a birthday party. There are delicious smells filling the room. Pizza boxes are piled high to the ceiling and there are rainbow cupcakes lining the table. There are thousands of people who would love to grab and slice of pizza and a cupcake and enjoy, but they can’t. Those people have Celiac disease. Although it affects day to day life there are new solutions being discovered. Celiacs disease is an up and rising problem, with a solution.
Celiacs disease is a disease that affects the small intestine lining. The disease prevents people from eating gluten. Gluten is another word for wheat. For people who are gluten free that means no cookies, bread, cupcakes, or cakes. The Mayo Clinic says, “Celiac disease can affect anyone.” It is important for people to know that
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The pill will partly get rid of the reactions, but not fully. This means that this pill won’t be of any help to people who are severely allergic. It will be helpful for some people though. The pill will be helpful when a person is not sure if something is gluten free. They can just take the pill and then they don’t have to worry about there being a small bit of wheat in their food. The Telegraph says, “Gluten intolerance can partly be overcome by swallowing an enzyme pill with food, research has shown.” This means that this pill will only help with small amounts of gluten, unlike the gluten free wheat. The Telegraph further explains that it will only be helpful for people with gluten sensitivities. They say, “The simple measure can allow people sensitive to the wheat protein to consume small quantities of gluten without experiencing bloating, diarrhoea and abdominal pain.” Sadly, this pill is only helpful for people with gluten sensitivities, but it is still a worthy competitor for the best solution. It may seem worse than the other solution, but people can get this pill in stores right now, unlike the gluten free wheat which people can’t get right