Cell and Organelles Essay

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Name Period and Cell type 6 points
MUST have the rubric the day the cell is due.
Can be edible or nonedible
Due Dec. Monday Dec. 10

Grade: ________ out of 30 Rubric points = __________ %

|Model Criteria |Excellent (5) |Great (4) |Good (3) |Fair (2) |Poor (1) |
|Creativity & |Model is 3-D. Uses |Model is 3-D. Uses |Model is 3-D. Uses |Model is 3-D. Organelles |Model is not 3-D. |
|Design |different objects for each|different objects for each|different objects for each|are all made out of the |Poster, paper or puffy |
| |organelle. Cell proper |organelle. Cell proper |organelle. Cell not proper|same material. |paint only. |
| |shape. Imaginative. |shape. |shape. | | |
|Labels |Name, period, cell type |Missing one element: name,|Missing two elements: |Missing more than two |Organelles not labeled on |
| |present. All organelles |period, cell type, |name, period, cell type, |elements: name, period, |model. |
| |labeled neatly and legible|organelle label |organelle labels |cell type, organelle |Difficult to read and |
| |on model. |Legible and neat |Neatly labeled. |labels. Not neat. |understand. |
|Organelles |All required organelles |Missing, misplacement, |Missing two organelles |Missing three or more |Missing three or more |
| |shown. Proper size, shape |improper size or shape of |from cell. Most organelles|organelles. Most |organelles. Most |
| |and placement in the cell.|one organelle in cell. |proper shape, size and |organelles proper shape, |organelles not proper |
| | |Including an extra |placement. |size and placement. |shape, size or placement |
| | |organelle. | | |in the cell. |
|Key Criteria |Excellent (5) |Great (4) |Good (3) |Fair (2) |Poor (1) |
|Functions |All organelle functions |One organelle function |Missing two organelle |Missing three organelle |Missing four or more |
| |are correct for cell |missing or incorrect. |functions. |functions. Not neatly |organelle functions. Key |
| |model. Neat and legible. |Extra organelle function |Neatly written. |written.…