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Biology EOC Review

Goal 2: Learner will develop an understanding of the physical, chemical and cellular basis of life.

2.01: Compare and contrast the structure and functions of the following organic molecules: carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids.
|Macromolecules |Function |Subunits |
|Carbohydrates | | |
|Proteins | | |
|Lipids | | |
|Nucleic Acids | | |

|Specific Molecule |Function |Subunits |
|Starch |Plant storage of energy |Simple sugar |
|Cellulose |Plant cell walls |Simple sugar |
|Insulin |Blood glucose levels |Amino acids |
|Glycogen |Animal starch |Simple sugars |
|Glucose |Energy broken down in mitochondria for ATP | |
|Enzymes |Speed up chemical reactions |Amino acids |
|Hemoglobin |Transport oxygen in the blood |Amino acids |
|Fats |Long-term energy storage |Fatty acids and glycerol |
|DNA |Genetic info |Nucleotides (sugar, phosphate, |
| | |base) |
|RNA |mRNA: made in nucleus during transcription; in a pattern of the DNA molecule |Nucleotides (sugar, phosphate, |
| | |base) |
| |tRNA: brings amino acids to the ribosome during translation | |

|Nutrient |Type of Test |Positive Test |Example of…? |
|Starch |Iodine |Black |Potato, crackers, corn starch |
|Lipids |Paper bag |Greasy spot |Oil, butter |
|Monosaccharides |Benedicts |Yellow, red |Honey, juice |
|Protein |Biuret |Violet, lavender |Egg whites |

2.02: Investigate and describe the structure and function of cells. 1. Give the structure and function of each of the following: Nucleus, plasma membrane, cell wall, mitochondria, vacuoles, chloroplasts, and ribosomes draw and label a cell with these parts. Nucleus: darkly…