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The cell cycle is also known as cell division which is the continuity of life based on the reproduction of cells. The stages of the cell cycle include interphase (which is made up of three stages: G1, S & G2), mitosis and cytokinesis.
The first stage of the cell cycle is interphase. Interphase consists of three stages: G1 (first gap), S (Synthesis), and G2 (second gap). During these three sub-phases, the cell grows by making proteins and organelles. But during the S phase is the only time when chromosomes are duplicated while the cell continues to grow. In G2, the cell continues to grow and prepares for cell division.
The second stage of the cell cycle is mitosis. Mitosis consists of five stages: prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. During prophase, the chromatins become more tightly coiled, condensing into chromosomes which are observable under a microscope, the nucleoli disappears, the chromosomes appear as two identical chromatids joined together, and the mitotic spindle begins to form (consisting of centrosomes and microtubules). In the next stage, prometaphase, the microtubules extend from each centrosome toward the middle of the cell and begin to attack to the chromatids. Next, metaphase beings. Metaphase is the longest stage of mitosis. During metaphase, the centrosomes are at opposite ends of the cell, the chromosomes align in the middle of the cell, and the chromosomes are attached to the microtubules coming form opposite poles. The next stage