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Mike Pirolli
Mr. Tringali
AP composition
30 March 2014
Cell Phone Malpractice There are many new inventions that have helped to advance our society and had an effect on the American family. Since the invention of the cell phone people no longer have to rely on payphones, mail, or even traveling. This, in return, leaves people with a lack of ability to personally connect with other individuals. Email has made it easier for people to send mail faster. The outspoken effect of this is a diminished ability to convey meaning and tone into your personal statements towards others. Entertainment, a more accessible feature, has proven that over time it impacts the American family. At this point, you don’t even have to leave your house to order a new movie On Demand, buy a new song, or even a whole CD. This leaves a lack of connection between a family and destroys morals. The cause of cellphones, email, and advanced entertainment has a negative effect on the American family leaving the youth socially inexperienced and mentally incapable of learning.

The cell phone has become one of the most depended on items; most people can’t leave the house without them. They help you become more accessible to other people and more recently have more features than just calling. Texting also makes it easy to send quick messages to people if you don’t have time to have a conversation on the phone. The immediate effect of this is a lack of personal connection and social abilities with other people. Other features include games and music, which immediately leads to social inhibition. Prolonged use of a cell phone can steal a young student, who is still growing and molding their brain, of all social skills. For example, if a student is constantly playing the market’s hottest new app, and never communicating with family, other students, or adults, the student may tend to lose all personal connections with those people. The long term effect occurs when the student is placed in a position where communication imperative. Sure, the student is technically able to communicate, but if face-to-face contact is absent making the student hesitant and unconfident during a debut interview. The individual who is constantly using their cell phone will also lack communication skills with their family, or spouse. This results in a chain effect. First, poor family socializing, which then leads to more fights and arguments, followed by even less socializing and getting along. The effect is quite disturbing and repair of social skills is often hard to change. When people, who are most commonly teenagers, rely on cell phones to communicate, they find themselves at a significant loss when it comes time to leave the house and contribute to society and their generations’ success. Being intelligent is one trait that is arguably the most important in order to succeed in life and benefit not only oneself, but the individuals surrounding them. Using a cell phone has many consequences when it is used to perform any activity that is not related to an educational source. Many cell phones are equipped with distracting and useless programs. Games, television, and social networking, most frequently, destroy a person’s learning environment. The effect of using these programs can distract someone from a set academic goal. Playing a game, texting, or watching television during the hours of school or homework can skew focus and affect the ability to remember and focus on what needs to be done. The resulting effect from that is imbalance in one’s life