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Cell phones play a big role in our societal culture and just about every American owns one. None the less our overreliance on cell phone use is known to be a distraction to some drivers. My question is, to what degree is this distraction worse than others faced while driving? I believe it is unnecessary for the Legislation to place a ban on the use of cell phones while driving as well as a violation of personal privacy. Cell phones are personal property, just as your car is personal property and the government should not limit how you use these. I believe that we as Americans do have a problem with distracted driving; however cell phone use is not the main cause of this distraction. According to the University of North Carolina's Highway Safety Research Center, cell phone use was the eighth most common distraction among drivers. The use of a cell phone while driving ranked far below the distraction of having children in the backseat fighting, turning up the radio, or turning to talk to the person next to you. Concern over driver distractions is obviously not limited to cell phone use, but should focus on the issue of responsible driving.

Cellular telephone bans should be implemented for many reasons; there are many studies with evidence indicating their use as causing distractions while driving. As of 2007, at least forty-five countries have restrictions on the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. Some believe that just as it is left to states to ban the consumption of alcoholic beverages or to mandate seat belt use while driving; it is up to them to also ban the use of cell phones. After their