Voice Vs Data

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Unit 1 Assignment 1
Voice vs Data
Cell phones- Uses both data and voice with use of radio waves. When talking on the cell phone your phone converts your voice in electrical signal and is then transmitted via radio waves to the nearest cell tower. The network of cell tower relays the radio waves to the person you speech with and the radio wave is then converted back in to sound again. Radio waves carry the information at the speed of light.
Landline phone uses both data and voice, just like the cell phone the voice is converted in to data signal and then is being transmitted through wires to the phone company center and from there to the receiver and converted back into sound.
SMS / Text Messaging, Uses data, Short Message Service (SMS) is a text messaging service component of phones that allows you to send or receive a text up to 160 characters.
Fax Machines. Uses data, It is one of the most common and usably in a business office device. The fax machine transmits data packets though landline. A fax machine uses a sensor usually is a fluorescent light that lets the paper in order to be converted in data packets and then sent to the receiver converted back and printed to paper.
Pagers –Pagers are data transmitters and receivers. Pagers are a way to notify individuals of incoming calls by a tone. The number is showed on the little screen. Then the user would return the call when they were by a phone.
VOIP (voice over IP) phones – A VoIP phone uses digital technology to