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Makynna Small
English 031
Mr. Clyburn

“The importance of computers in the world today”

The reason of computers these days are technology, rarely anybody use paper anymore! Computers are not just systems we type on or go on social media, Computers are in cell phones, tablets, even in game systems. Mostly anything with internet that you can play games, search the web, or even social network is a computer. I really think that having computers now days are good and also bad. Computers or even technology have saved lives and found cures, helped solve things, etc. People have businesses that runs straight off computers, for example when you need to look up an address they do not pull out a map anymore, they pull it up on the computer which brings up a GPS system that will take you right to the road. They have criminal records in computers of inmates and medicines. I could go on and on about what they use computers for but there are just to many jobs out there to really explain everything. Technology is huge in our world now, like I said businesses run off computers for files but don’t you think that’s more difficult to learn? When you have someone that grew up using paper and pencil all their life and they have to turn around and learn technology, that’s a struggle. They have robots now that can do things for you that you can’t even do for yourself. If you ask me I think that is the craziest thing I have ever heard. Sometimes that would be a good thing and sometimes it