Cell Phones: Does Using Cell Phones Make People More or Less Connected? Essay

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Cell phones: Does using cell phones make people more or less connected?
Article 1
About writer: Helen Lee Lin in 2012. He did Ph.D in the department of Psychology for University of Houston and now he is working as a writer and freelancer in Ankara, Turkey. His basics interest in writing are in the fields of language, marketing, human relationship and media effects.
Link to the Article: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-your-cell-phone-hurts-your-relationships/
In the article the write Helen lee Lin is describing multiple benefits of having a cell phone and besides this he is describing its dangerous and negative impacts on the relationships. In his article he said that now a day it is impossible for the mobile
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are playing more important role in creating distances among relationships than just the basic usages just like test messaging and phone calls.

Cell phones: Does using cell phones make people more or less connected?
Article 2
About writer: Laura Jerpi
Link to article: http://source.southuniversity.edu/mobile-phones-and-society-how-being-constantly-connected-impacts-our-lives-137313.aspx
The writer in this article talks about the importance of mobile phones, he says that now the mobile phones are become the integral part of our life people from all age stages and whatever the profession they have are now addicted to mobile phones. It connects the people and covers the all distances within no time. The use of mobile phones is now important for both personal and professional purpose and its added features provides number of solutions and also open doors to access the sea of knowledge. The social interaction sites that have been used on the cell phones merge the dispersed social contacts and it keeps people in touch all the time and also updates the status of those users among them. He described number of benefits that these mobile phones are generating for the society as follows;
i. Facility to email anytime to anywhere ii. Quick access to your loved ones iii. Expand the social interaction system iv. Updated knowledge as per users interest
v. Changing interpersonal communication