Late Arrivals Or Late Departures From Class Time

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Baker College
Eng 101
Instructor: Jessica Rico
Classroom Guide

Absences, Late Arrivals or Early Departures from Class Time: Regular attendance is VERY important for this course. As I do understand that many students have emergencies or busy lives, you do not have to show proof or make excuses for your absence to me. I assume that if you could not make class, that it must be very important! For any missed class time, the student is fully responsible for the information, reading and assignments listed on the syllabus. You may also want to exchange emails with a classmate to copy notes. Important documents and grades will be posted on Blackboard. Although there is some leeway for late/missed assignments, please understand that you are fully responsible for your own attendance, and that any missing class time may affect your grade, learning and assignments.

If you will be coming late or early, please make every courtesy possible to not disrupt the class, as this is very distracting.

Essay Policy: Please do not rely on leaving papers on any desk in the classroom or having them brought by a friend. I cannot guarantee that I will receive it, and the student is held responsible for making sure that their work reaches my hands. A much better method, if you cannot come to class, is to ask the Academic Office to time/date stamp your essay and place it in my mailbox.

Do NOT save your essays in one format—hard drives crash, flash drives get lost—it happens! Please be sure that you are saving it in multiple formats (I recommend emailing a copy to yourself so you can have access) so that you will be able to turn it in on time!

Only typed work for any assignments (including outlines and rough drafts) accepted. Please check that your paper is in proper APA style with readable ink and corner stapled. Double sided is preferable, but not required. I recommend coming early to the learning center to double-check that the formatting is correct and print, if you are unable to do so at home. Give yourself enough time so that you can fix any last minute errors!

Late Essay Policy: Late assignments must receive my permission to be turned in. Only 2 assignments will be accepted late. Do not expect to turn in essays and have them graded if you have not been coming to class regularly. Any essays not turned in by the time specified on the assignment sheet are subject to late points, regardless of reason. Late points are accumulated as follows:
-5 points if turned in by the end of class on the same date but after the time due stated on the handout
-10 points if turned in within one week of the time due
-15 points if turned in after one week of the time due
-No work will be accepted after midnight, 8 days after the paper’s timed due date

Email Policy: In the event that you have in fact finished your essay but were unable to make it to class, there is ONE free email pass that is given. No points are taken off the essay IF the paper is emailed in by the time due listed on the handout. The student is held responsible for the formatting (especially when it comes to software—I use PC, not Mac!) and receipt of the paper. If the paper is received after the time due, the same rules for late points stand. However, you must still bring a printed copy to the next class period so that I may grade it. The second email pass that is used will be subject to a 20 point loss, and also requires a printed copy. No third pass is given.

I welcome any questions or comments you have for me, even when class is not in session! For questions or comments by email, please allow 24-48 hours for a reply. Hence, a last minute email may not be received in time, so please try to act in advance. Please do not assume that I received your email if I have not written back. If you have not heard back from me regarding your email, please write me again—this will not bother me in the slightest.

Group Activities Policy: Group activities are executed