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Hello friend,
The Internet is a very good and useful tool; it allows me to access information in a timely manner. It is difficult sometimes to access information, and know that it is credible. With the Internet all you have to do is go to the Internet explorer, safari, or any other search engine and go to your search bar of choice. I prefer to use Google to access information and find the best source for information. When I look for information, and find it I make sure that the information is sourced, and that an author’s name is on the information and that it has been updated recently. If you find information on a website and there is no author the information is most likely not credible. I would suggest to stay away from websites such as Wikipedia, yahoo answers, and ask.com these sites are primarily opinions. The term digital divide means exactly what it states, it means that there is a difference between people who have Internet and those who do not. Also digital divide explains the difference between those who have skills and education, as well as those who are not trained and skilled. Digital divide can be bridged easily once more people have access to the internet, many people have smart phones now and tablets with these devices it allows more people to have access to the internet and are not divided. I feel that everyone should own a tablet, smartphone, or laptop of some kind. Many jobs these days require you to have some form of education on digital media, normal jobs make you have to type up papers and constantly use the Internet to do your research and other things. Some people choose to not use Internet and smartphone’s I feel that many people are scared that they can’t use these devices. Internet makes a lot of business grow a lot faster and makes things move more smoothly, because you can order parts and other accessories you may need for work. You need to come visit so I can show you the Internet and all of the benefits of the World Wide Web. There are many sites on the Internet to find credited sources. I work for Verizon so I have people all the time that say they don’t want a smart phone they want a phone that they talk and text and that’s it. The people that come in with smartphones that have questions it makes me happy because they are actually trying to learn. I have a customer that has came in everyday this week that has questions about his iPhone and ipad, he is persistent I don’t mind helping him because he makes sure he gives his best to learn and won’t give up. I am…