Cellphones: Mobile Phone and Professor Nadim Essey Essay

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Claudia Willis
September 23, 2014
English 150 sect 042
Professor Nadim Essey
Essay #1 Final Draft

Go Away Cell phones!

Throughout the years, society has been very dependent on technology. Almost everything
Around us is powered by some form of technology. Computers are used to replace newspapers, and magazines. Escaladers are even used to replace stairs. In this world we live in, technology is basically taking over. Another technology based object is a cell phone and I for one, do not want one. Whether you know it or were even around for it, there was actually a point in time when cell phones did not exist. People were very comfortable with this because they were so use to a life without cell phones. During those times, there were different ways to communicate or send out information, non-technological ways. People would even send messages and letters by pigeon. If you really think about it, people functioned quite well with the headache or thought of a cell phone. Cell phones are very expensive to own. With technology improving all the time, no one wants a phone that’s just receives and sends out calls and text messages. These days, phones can read texts out loud and can even verbally respond if you ask it a question. They can tell you the weather, give you the time and take photos, all on one device in which replace the news, a watch and a camera. All these improvements to today’s cell phone also result I their high pricing plus a monthly bill. I think it is very ridiculous to pay up to $400 for a phone