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Could you imagine your life without the use of cell phones? Nowadays we are all accustomed to having cell phones. Today our ever-changing society keeps progressing in technologic advancements to offer consumers a large variety of services with. But are cell phones worthwhile? In my opinion, cell phones are worthwhile in many ways even if they have some disadvantages.

Having a cell phone has a lot of advantages. To start, it’s the easiest way to communicate directly with other people no matter where they are. Indeed, you have the possibility to make calls and write messages to anybody. They are really useful in our everyday life. Such as, if you’re sick and you need to call out of work, or make an appointment with the doctor. A cell phone can be a great asset to keep in touch with friends and family via the Internet. My family and my friends are living in France and the Internet gives me the opportunity to communicate with them even though there are six hours of time difference. Cell phones are also helpful with all the applications that come with them. Some applications are very useful and simplify your life. For example, most cell phones have a GPS to give you directions when you’re driving, the alarm to wake you up to go to work or the reminder and the calendar to plan your days. Although we use our phones for a lot of productive reasons, we also use them for entertainment purposes on our down time. Cell phones give you access to a variety of games ranging from complex strategy games to simple card games, they give you the luxury of storing large quantity of music without the hassle of carrying CDs or tapes and allow you to read books and news directly with just a screen tap.

Like everything in life, there are always disadvantages to something that is so popular. To begin there are a lot of expenses that