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Tatianna Aranda
Period 3 – Biology
Celly Story Hello, my name is nucleus and I am the owner and boss of the Body Airport. My airlines have been designed to be helpful and resourceful to the community, they were built with chloroplast. The best solar panel company there is so we can get mitochondria, the energy from the sun to make during daytime to power the airport. I have decided to make this airline so people can come and go as they please with a nice flight. I have had my crew, the nucleolus, detect where these flights are going and how the special corporate group, DNA, are going to go in their seats and feel as comfortable in the flight. To make sure my airport is away from all the people trying to maybe sneak on the plane for free, not past me though, what was built was the cell wall. The outermost fence to protect the main barbed wire gate that mainly protects from the inside of the airport, the cell membrane, and the best in the business! Inside, you can see how well the accessibility for your luggage is! The new and improved Golgi apparatus handles you bags and stores them in there until you access them again after your flight. My planes are full of color outside and in, designed to be comfortable and stylish to the DNA. Inside you can find where all the food is stored for the passengers, the Ribosome is for when the DNA gets hungry and needs a boost of protein. We need to keep the airlines clean as possible with all kinds of people coming in and out of the