Celsius and Temperature Line Essay

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• A graph that indicates average temperature and precipitation for an area. • These graphs can answer the following types of questions:
– How much rain is there in a particular location? – When is it dry?
– Is it wet when it’s cool?
– What vegetation can grow there?

How to Read a Climograph
Look at the title to see what location’s climate is being described by the graph.
numbers on the left show you the amount of precipitatio
n. Make sure you check to see if the precipitatio n is measured in millimeters or inches.

The numbers on the right show you the temperature. Make sure you check to see if the temperature is measured in degrees Fahrenheit of
The letters at the bottom show you the months of the year.

In case you’re not great at interpreting Celsius temperatures… •

30° is hot
20° is nice
10° is cold
0° is ice

**Remember: This is for Celsius, not Fahrenheit!

How to Read a Climograph
The bar graph measures the average precipitation for each month. The numbers that measure it are on the left side of the graph.

The line graph shows you the average temperature for each month. The numbers that measure it are on the right side of the graph. • One factor that effects the temperature of a place is the amount of sunlight it receives.
• Notice how the temperature line on the climograph is almost level? This location is near the equator. It receives the same amount of sunlight all year which results in an almost