Essay on Celta Assignment 1 Grammar

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Part A.
1. She’s meeting Fred at 3 o’clock.
a) Present Continuous
b) Subject + form of the verb TO BE + present participle
c) We use I’m doing ( present continuous) when we say what we have arranged to do – for example arranged to meet somebody, arranged to go somewhere.
d) Contractions: She is – She’s pronounced / / of the clock – o’clock pronounced / / weak forms: at – pronounced / / meeting - / /
Sentence stress: syllable of Fred
Intonation: falling at the end of the sentence.
e) Conceptual difficulties: confusion between the present continuous and the Future simple and the “going to” construction. Contraction ‘s may lead to a confusion with the Present Perfect
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Students can add an auxiliary verb ‘do’ to ask the question. Do you can…? Students can put could in third person singular. Coulds…? Students can mix the word order and ask the question: You could open the window, please? WO

f) A visual of two people and a window. One person is Boss and another is a worker. One of them is holding heavy books and asking to open the window.

g) Is he asking or saying? Asking
Are they friends? No
Is he trying to be polite? Yes
Does he want him to do it now? yes

Part B.
1. Watch –clock (both nouns)
To explain the difference between watch and clock for elementary students I can use a picture of the Big Ben and a hand watch. Or a realia of my own watch wearing them around the wrist. If I don’t have a photo of the Big Ben with me I’ll just draw it on the board.
Questions ( for elementary and intermediate students ): Clock
Similarities: are they both used to indicate (show) the time? Yes
Differences: Is the clock Big or small? Big
Can you wear a clock? No
Is it outside the building usually or not? Outside or inside (railway station)
Is it for personal use? No
Is it big or small? Small
Can you wear it? Yes
Is it for the personal use? Yes
If I have to explain the difference for advanced learners I will give them definitions.
Watch – a small clock which is worn on a strap around the wrist or sometimes somehow connected to a piece of clothing by a chain.
Clock – a