Celta Grammar Assignment Essay

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TARGET SENTENCE 1I’m meeting Dave for lunch on Sunday – Elementary Level / Grammar

ANALYSIS | D ANTICPATED PROBLEMS | A MEANING You have plans to eat with Dave on Sunday So it is…. A planned future event This is an event that will happen in the future. | SS think because is present tense of [to be], that this event is now / in the present. SS may not think it is a definite arrangement, more of a plan. Confusion with “meat”? Unlikely in this case | B PRONUNCIATION I’m - /aɪm/ I’m is unstressed, weak meeting - /ˈmiːtɪŋ/ stress on first syllable When put together, it is spoken quickly so the two m’s appear to join as in “mmm”. 3 syllables in total. Hence, /aɪˈmiːtɪŋ/ -I’m meeting | SS may
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So, the sentence means, “he looks like his mum”, or “he acts like his mum!”. | SS may confuse “take” and “take after”. SS may find meaning difficult to grasp. | B PRONUNCIATION Stress is on the “takes” while the 2nd syllable of “after” is weak schwa. So, /’teɪks ɑːftər/ Arguably, the “s” is sometimes vocalised as a “z”, hence /’teɪkz ɑːftər/ | SS may overstress “after” at the expense of “takes” - /teɪks ‘ɑːftər/ SS may over-pronounce final “er”, even rolling the r - /’teɪks ɑːfterr/ SS may use flat “a” - /’teɪks æftər/ | C FORM To Take after – phrasal verb, irregular, transitive. Note - past participle is “took” So, form is…… Subject + [to take] + after + Object present somebody Therefore…… He + takes + after + his mother Note, in past tense, the past form is “took”, so.. Subject + took after + Object somebody He + took after + his mother | SS may not use the correct preposition, or omit altogether. He takes of his mother / He takes his mother… SS may struggle with irregular verb in past form He taken after his mother. |


Story – My sister looks exactly like my mother, and I look just like my father. So, you would say.

WRITE ON BOARD: I t ….. a…... my father and my sister t…… a…… my mother.


Does “he” look or act like someone else? Yes.
Is that person a family member? Yes