Cemetery and Wyatt Essay

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My Halloween Story

Once there was a dark, foggy graveyard full of more than just tombstones, trees, and grass. This graveyard had a lot more. Every Halloween night the creatures of Halloween would come out when all of the trick-or-treaters were back in their homes. They would have a Halloween party in the graveyard. The jack-o-lanterns would hop off the porches to get to the party, skeletons would come out of their graves, spiders would climb off of their webs, cats come out of their houses, and vampires and bats would come out of the trees, and many others.
The only thing that couldn’t come, that wanted to come, was the lonely tree that wasn’t in the graveyard. The tree was able to see and hear everything at the party. At the party, they were having so much fun. First they played hide-and-go-seek. Sammy the skeleton counted,” one, two, three, four, five…”all of the way up to fifty. After that game, they played tag. Jack the jack-o-lantern was it. He was so fast he caught everybody.
They played so many games. The tree didn’t like not being able to go to the party every year though. “I wish I could go,” said the tree. A late guest, Wyatt the werewolf, over heard the tree say that and said, ”I can help you get to the graveyard.” “Really, how?” asked the tree. Wyatt said, “You’ll see.”
Wyatt ran as fast as he could to the Halloween party. Once he got there, he got everybody’s attention by howling as loud as he could. They all looked at Wyatt and he said, ”There is a very lonely tree out there that is very nice, but nobody has noticed him and he is never at the Halloween party but he wants to come. I think we need to help him.” “I’ll help!” exclaimed Jack the jack-o-lantern, going to the front of the group. “Me too!” Sally the spider said, also stepping forward as well as Sammy the skeleton. Then, one after the other, everyone at the party stepped forward and volunteered to help.
The only creature at the party that had not stepped forward was the grumpy, old ghost that they called Galileo. Then Galileo said upset, “Well I’m not going and there’s nothing you can do about it!” “Galileo please. We really need you to help, not just…