The Pros And Cons Of The Internet

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The internet is probably one of the best and worst things that have happened to the world. The internet is considered one of the largest sources of information worldwide. However, although the internet is useful it comes with its not so good sides. There are many other sources of information which are considered harmful and corruptive especially to children. Children start to use it at a younger and younger age and become victims to the inappropriate information available to them. The Internet is used as a way to break the law by committing piracy and plagiarism. This is why the government needs to supervise the internet, for the safety of people as well as performers. Many people today have access to the World Wide Web whether it is at home or at the library. People are able to upload whatever they feel and it puts not only themselves at risks but everyone who views the stuff they upload. Also many teens use the internet as a source for bullying. People tend to act tougher through the internet and may bully other kids not knowing what the results of this might be. There have been many cases where teens have committed suicide because of all the bullying that’s going on through the internet and if we don’t censor it who knows how many more teens will become victims of this sort of bullying. People think that what they post on the internet won’t affect them, but in the long run it may be more severe then they think because once you post something on the internet the chance